Haggadah intro

Each Pesach, we sit and read the Exodus story. "With an outstretched arm, God took you out of Egypt." We discuss freedom, equality, oppression, and how these ancient themes reverberate through Jewish history in every generation. As the Haggadah says, “In each and every generation, a person is obligated to regard himself as though he actually left Egypt.”

The Haggadah reminds us that we were strangers in the Land of Egypt. Its authors understood how easy it would be for us to forget that we had also been “the other”, the stranger.

Today, we see these same things affecting society's most vulnerable. In response, we've put together a range of stories from modern day Israel, relating to women, poverty, Palestinians, and people seeking asylum.

In the name of freedom we struggle against women’s exclusion, with the aim that every woman has the freedom to appear and to express herself in any arena that she chooses. In the name of freedom, we struggle for the rights of minorities, against discrimination and racism, against coercion and against religious intolerance.

All of these stories share something in common: they relate to how we perceive and treat "the other". Read these stories, share them with your friends and family, bring them to your Seder table.

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