Public housing shortage in Israel - questions

  1. Did you know the average monthly rental costs in the following Israeli cities?

    Tel Aviv: ₪5531 or AU$1,975
    Jerusalem: ₪4084 or AU$1,459
    Haifa: ₪2548 or $AU$910

    Maybe it doesn’t seem that high compared to Australian rental prices, but keep in mind that the average monthly Israeli wage nation-wide (pre-tax) is ₪9872.70 is AU$3,526.
  2. What resources are essential for the average Israeli citizen to live in a dignified way? Take some time to make a list with the people around you in small groups. Come back together and share. What resources did multiple groups come up with? What unique ones? To what extent should access to these things be considered a basic right?
  3. When Israel was established, it provided a strong safety net for its poorer citizens. However, as in many Western countries, this has been eroded through economic reforms. What could Israel do to ensure that the disadvantaged have better access to state resources and support?
  4. So much of Israeli politics – and conversations in Diaspora communities – revolves around the issues of peace and security. How can Israel re-focus on other important issues, such as public housing and health? What role can Jews in the Diaspora play in affecting these issues?